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What is Water Off?

Water Off is a natural formula for the temporary removal of excess water within the body. It does this by supporting the natural expulsion of water-absorbing sodium, and includes a potent dose of vitamin B6. Water Off is made with natural ingredients right here in the US, in an FDA registered facility that strictly adheres to GMP guidelines, from quality domestic and imported ingredients.

Benefits Of Water Off

Releases Temporary Excess Water

Temporary water retention (or fluid retention or edema) commonly occurs for a variety of reasons, including being inactive and because of normal hormonal cycles. Water Off can support you in releasing that temporary excess water, with the power of vitamin B6 and dandelion root.

Supports Temporary Shedding of Water Weight

Carrying an excessive amount of water is often referred to as water weight. This is dense, and can often be a leading contributor to your daily weight fluctuations. By using Water Off, you can support your short-term ‘cutting’ goals naturally.

Temporarily Supports Vascularity

Between your skin and muscle fibers your body retains a certain percentage of fat, which is a necessity for healthy physical function, but the body also retains a certain amount of water too. Sometimes this level of water is in excess and can leave you looking bloated or puffy. By holding less water the muscles may appear to have a more defined look.

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